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Pirated Software (Discussion)

As a software developer i hate seeing people put out of jobs due to software piracy but then when you you look at the price of a peace of software you realy start to think that there must be a cheaper way. Symbian software is very reasonably priced. Some of it i think is a bit far fetched but on a whole its good. I especialy like the trials since it gives one a chance to try and get used to the software before they buy it. One thing that i would like to see is the sourcecode of software to be made available for a fair price or possibly free when the user buys the software. This can alow a programmer such as myself to change things that we find annoying in other words tailor it to suit our needs. I dont mind paying for software but i sometimes feel like the software was not a sound economical investment.

I know this is just a rant but i was searching the forum and came across the subject in a very old post and well software and its development is my thing and before the year was out i wanted to voice my opinion on the mater. Thanks for listening(well if you got this far you must be listening or realy bored).

Feel free to coment and sugest!
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