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questions about QD quality for QD users

I picked up an N-Gage QD this week, and had a couple of quesions for current owners of the QD. I'm wondering if my observations are unique to my unit, or common.

1. How is the reception? The signal seems to be weaker at times than my N3650, which is almost always full strength.

2. How do you find the sound quality? I feel that it seems quiet or fuzzy, again compared to the clarity and volume of my N3650.

3. The d-pad has a tendency to creak, which surprised me. Is this common to the QD?

Overall, I like the phone. I find the transition away from a one-handed interface awkward, but I could put up with it for a gaming-capable phone.

The sound quality and d-pad creakiness are irksome though... hence this post.

My other comment is that the Arena doesn't seem to offer a lot. I went to Wallpapers, thinking that there would be some bg images for my phone, but it was empty.

I would have liked to have seen more Movies as well -- previews of upcoming games would be nice.