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Beer the E61 is ruining my life!

well, not quite that bad but I am losiing the will to live. I am attempting to synchronise my E61 with a Exchange 2003 SP2 server using Roadsync. I have managed to import all the required certificates (bought one from Go Daddy) onto the device, the settings are correct, I have setup RPC over HTTPS on the server and that works. But still the bloody thing won't synchronise.

The Roadsync error I get suggests that my account has expired (no), my username is greater then 20 characters (no) or my password or username is wrong (no again - have tested with other users, etc). I am completely flummoxed. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Many thanks to sunlie and Senan by the way, their posts on here helped me with the certificate issues in a big way. Great forum (shame about the E61).