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Question Can't read my memory card in USB reader

Hi there!

I have a Nokia N93 with a microSD memory card of 1GB (I'm using a micro to mini SD adapter).

I also have one of the many "all-in-one" USB2 memory card reader. The reader should work fine since I can read my camera compact flash without any problem, but if I try to read my mobile phone memory card, windows asks me if I want to format it...

If I use the phone in "mass storage mode" and I plug the Nokia cable, I can see the content of the memory card. Any suggestion?

I need to read my card with the reader for two reasons:
- much faster backups using USB 2.0
- I bought a 2GB card and I would like to swap to the new one so I'm not sure if reading the card through the phone hides the hidden files than I need to copy

Thank you for your help!