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Nokia N95 Product Codes Supporting ALS (i.e. Line 2)

Hi All,

For the longest time I've always seen debates about whether Nokia devices support ALS. As part of my job, I'm required to have Line 2 (I work for Orange). So far, this has forced me to keep a branded device with Orange UK. I had an N80 with Orange, debranded it, lost ALS... I had to use a different phone after that, which was a shame.

Now I will have the N95, I would love to debrand it, but I need the ALS functionality retained. I know for a fact that the Orange UK network uses 100% certified ALS standards, so you shouldn't need Orange firmware to recognise it, if Nokia generic firmware supports ALS (some product codes to it seems, some don't). I have a SIM FREE Sony Ericsson M600i that recognises my ALS provided by Orange.

My understanding with the N95 in particular, is that only certain product codes seem to support ALS. Let's forget about the hash key shortcut for changing the line, as long as the functionality is retained and you can do it via a menu or such, then that is supporting ALS.

So, my question to the masses... what generic produce codes out there, support ALS?