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Originally Posted by TheSpecialBoy View Post

I was just wondering:
_ How many of us are still using e90 and using this forum?

Will you still hold your e90 or test a diferent phone?

i am still using the E90 and i juss love it. using this since last year and i have no complain against E90. almost one year using and during this time i bought iphone 2g then last month i got the new iphone 3GS.iphone is obviously a nice phone but to me iphone is a portable multimedia unit which has phone ability and infact i use this as ipod with a prepaid sim. it dusnt look like a phone to me. E90 is best . smart and so useful to me. btw Nseries nokias looks like multimedia unit from nokia to ceompete iphone.

so am using this E90 and probably till any new communicator release