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Marvin (phil)
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Nokia vs Apple

Hi. I am a Nokia fan.

Well, Apple is doing good on phone market. They still have this classic over-an-over-again styling of their products (ipod, iphone, etc). And this 3GS reminds me of Nokia 3650, the predecessor of the revolutionary (on its generation) Nokia 7650, which introduces video recording.

Well, what can I say to Apple. They do good on eye-candy interface which Nokia is in fact struggling on that part. I am a Nokia fan that I also admit some of its weak point. The keyless classic design of iPhone really bring mystery on its design and appeal. Also, the kinetic scrolling really grabbed my attention on the release of the iPhone. But in terms of menu complexities, Nokia Symbian Series 60 is really feature-rich.

I am starting to get addicted to touch screen phones because you just have to point this and that without scrolling the d-pad continuously. So, that would give Apple a credit on this comparison because Nokia N86 is a soft-key based product which I know Nokia is the pioneer of this setup and majority of phones are using this soft-key setup. But I will still stick to Nokia N86 MP. After all, the years of experience of Nokia in phone market is still unmatched by a young Apple iPhone.