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Originally Posted by Mr Mark View Post
Except, celios, you are, as usual, wrong.

Nokia will continue to prosper. When you're as big as they are you can afford to sit back and see where the market's going.

As for the comment about an e-mail client that's not in the 80's, I take it that the user hasn't actually used the latest version of Nokia Messaging then? Also, CWM is realy only going mainstream in the UK with the X6 which i'm going to bet will outsell the iPhone.
Not sure anyone is so big they can sit back can they?

Anyway, as for email, that was me, and you are right, I have not used the very latest version of Nokia Messaging, and the reason is that it will not let me login, all emails to Nokia go unanswered, and you can not reg the same gmail address twice so the dumb system is not letting me try it.

Is it any good then?