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Funny to see all these blinkered iPhone and Android fans first criticise Nokia for not having a UI etc as good as Apple/Android (unfairly I'd say) and then when shown Nokia's plans or actual devices come out, then criticise Nokia for somehow copying Apple/Android (again unfairly). As others have remarked, these basic UI concepts are old hat.

And may I remind you that Nokia are currently suing Apple because Apple decided to rip multiple Nokia mobile technologies off and not pay for the tech, unlike all other manufacturers (including Android ones).

Everyone in the market is influencing everyone else, and that's the way it should be.

One has to ask what is the underlying cause of people criticising Nokia here? If you love iPhone and Android, then stick with it and shut up - I mean what's the problem? We know poor old Kev Wright isn't happy with his share performance but so what? Sell the shares! Or wait for them to improve! We don't care!

Dear me. Wait and see, iPhone will always remain niche, very low penetration. Android is highly unproven and technical unstable on multiple fronts. Symbian is without doubt the best and most stable mobile OS in the world (and widely regarded as such by the way), and S60 does indeed need a bit of a revamp but not as much as people are making out.

Personally although I like iPhone, it's a bit like a child's toy - colourful, safe, limited, and simple. Give me multitasking and a decent camera and GPS any day, and a phone that can take serious physical punishment. An iPhone can't compare to my old battered N82 on these fronts.