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Re: IRDA againi

Originally posted by Roberto

But Sendo X (not yet available) and Siemens SX1 both have almost the same dimensions of the Nokia 7610, but they do have IRDA, USB and Bluetooth...

And USB does not replace IRDA, see the N-Gage where you cannot synchronize and use Internet (N-Gage as modem) using USB, just with Bluetooth.
IRDA by itself may not make much difference to the size and cost, but think ten or twenty years into the future when we have even more GSM bands, HCSD, EDGE, GPRS, I-MODE, several flavours of 3G, IRDA, Bluetooth, Wireless USB, Umpteen flavours of Wi-Fi PLUS whatever else they come up with between now and then. It is not possible to support every single standard indefinitely. New standards are (in general) developed to take over from the old ones. Each company has to decide when to stop supporting old standards based on the cost of keeping them in against lost sales from excluding them. Siemen's and Sendo obviously believe IRDA is still important enough to include in high end devices. Nokia, seemingly, don't.

Also, bare in mind that this is JUST high end devices. In these markets, the people buying them will generally be ahead of the average in terms of new technology usage. I think it's quite reasonable to assume that not many people buying a $500 mobile phone will still be relying on IRDA. Especially when you can get a bluetooth dongle for $20. Obviously there are some people who still use IRDA, but is it worth Nokia's time and expense maintaining backward compatability for those few customers?

And I don't believe I mentioned USB replacing IRDA. Bluetooth (and soon wireless USB) is designed to be a better way of achieving short range communications than IRDA. Not USB.

Oh, and little closer to the topic, I think it looks fantastic, the specs look good, but it has the 3650s d-pad. I HATE that d-pad. Maybe it's just me, but I find you have to be so acurate with it that it just doesn't feel natural. I much prefer the joystick on the 7650!

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