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PLZ help - problems with LOCK/UNLOCK keypad settings on I8510 + more problems !

i have Samsung I8510 (HAD an N95 before)
i hate the all idea of keypad lock aotumaticlly
so in N95 i desabeld it in the securty settings and it stop locking..

now with the I8510 (and the new firmware)
i'm setting the same for not locking aotumaticly
and saving the setting
but it doesn't consor the phone and its still locking by itself!
its very annoying and i don't know how to solve this

another thing is the little increacing ring every time i got a call its starting in increacing mode even thow i put it in ringing normally!

is it all samsung falt? are they ignoring the setting that the symbian have?

oh and another problem - when i got a call the picture ID of the conatct comes up in 2 seconds dellay !

please help me solving this...

p.s. sorry for my english not that good...

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