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Very interesting post with some very accurate observations...

Personally I think with the 5800 it's simple, they want to steal the market. An awesome little touch-based handset priced like this is unheard of... and the 2 million sold so far will only be the beginning. If every contract is giving these babies away for next to nothing then soon EVERYONE is going to be wanting one of these, they could quite literally revolutionise the market. However as you say this has to affect sales of higher end phones, and I think Nokia will have to price them more than a little competetively in order to get people to upgrade.

The N97 could be a dream machine if they upgrade the CPU and add GPU acceleration. I'll probably buy it anyway though. Wonder when it's due for release... i'm thinking maybe March. Either way if it's priced well and performs to spec i'll be buying one as I just can't face buying a 5800 and using that god-awful camera for my impromptu vids and snaps that I take on many occasions. If it had of had a Xenon flash i'd have been in heaven, mnissed opportunity there I feel.

It will take a special device to upgrade my N82, a device that I feel is among the best ever produced not only by Nokia but by any manufacturer ever. Not only is the device speedy and stable, but the camera is fantastic (for a mobile), the GPS is rock solid (it's my primary navigating device), and I must have dropped it about ten times and while it's a little scuffed, it never skips a beat.

Roll on the new touch-based N series...

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