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I really don't get this whole criticism towards Apple's multitasking approach.
From my experience with N97 mini I'd say that s60v5 multitasking is a feature that should be used sparingly and with great care. And even then you should keep your fingers crossed because the os/apps enter risky, highly unstable state. I'd rather have multitasking that is limited in some way and lets apps tap into selected processes and use CPU, memory and battery power in smart way than be told I can launch any app I want and experience freezes or crashes. I think credit is due to Apple for trying to give users multitasking that isn't a burden that a device and user's patience can't carry. On my N97 mini multitasking is something I try to avoid. Running Nimbuzz, listening to music via bt and reading Facebook posts is something that forces me to "unfreeze" the phone by taking the battery out too often. And sometimes it's enough to launch the browser to kill the phone...So I'd love to see future symbian versions to have multitasking reworked to make this feature a pleasure to use and actually boost productivity.