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I own C3, bought in Indonesia the day nokia launched it for a mere (around) US$96. I also own Nokia N81 and also E61i.

I must said that C3 is not on the same league as Nokia E63 because it's use the S40. but for the intended price, and compare to lots of other non-smartphone the C3 is doing very well. C3 is also better compared to the non-smartphone because it have a big screen and good build quality. I must say that the C3 build is on par with the E series phone such as the E71.

If you're gonna use the Nokia C3 for heavy messaging such as SMS/MMS/Email/YM/MSN messanger/Google Talk/Ovi Chat/FB/twitter, and light web browsing, then Nokia C3 really sure doing it's job very well. but nokia C3 is not well designed for compete with the smartphone league.

the Nokia Messaging Service or short for NMS still have a lot of bug. I fond out that my C3 occasionally being cut from YM/Google/MSN/Ovi. This problem irritate me a lot because I bought C3 just for using the YM and push mail.

As for the Internet connection, I really hate the C3 option is very limited. I wish nokia polish this part more.

All in all, I really recomend this C3 to anyone that want to bought the non-smartphone. but if you have the smartphone DNA, don't buy C3. You'll be very disappointed.