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Originally Posted by JCB_Digger View Post
I wonder if the Wifi 'bug' is just a cynical attempt to make you use Vodafone's data services (similar to Virgin with their PAYG E63 where every shortcut on the homescreen takes you onto the internet). I guess the occasional 'random' connections are updating Twitter/Facebook?

The suggested tariff for the C3 (added when you put the phone in your basket), it costs 1 a day for 15Mb of internet.

Whilst the phone is initially very cheap, it'll cost you 30 a month to run, for which you can get a far better deal on contract.
I'm inclined to agree with you. When I read Steve's comments:

... but current Vodafone firmware is presumed buggy and locks out Wi-Fi for browser use, incredibly...
... Has a disturbing tendency to go online at the slightest whim, without asking and for no apparent reason. Haven't worked out why yet! ...
... The Wi-Fi bug was the last straw, of course, completely foiling the whole point of putting Wi-fi in the C3 in the first place. I hope Nokia and Vodafone fix this, but I've no experience of firmware updates outside the Symbian world so can't really comment here....
My first thoughts were, "that ain't no firmware bug, that's a feature courtesy of Vodafone, they want to maximise their customer returns". Anyone remember the N95 having its VOIP features disabled?

Hmm anyways the C3 sounds a bit too cheap and nasty judging by Steve's write up. Does there not come a point where building a handset soo cheap makes it virtually unusable? I guess the C3 is just inside the boundary. Seems sad to me when a 1 year old phone out performs the new-comer, no matter how reasonable the price.

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