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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not really, horses for courses. This is clearly aimed at schoolkids and impoverished students for whom messaging is the priority and suggesting it is unusable is a gross exaggeration. The market space in which the BB Curve is the aspirational phone, they are going after that market share.
I fully understand about targeted markets etc. and if Nokia want to knock out a budget 'no frills' handset with just a few core features then fair enough I also don't have a problem with that either. What irritates me is when I read feedback such as:

Originally Posted by Steve Litchfield
Series 40, feels slow once you start doing something serious, like render a web page, browse the Ovi Store, or play a game. Maybe three times slower than S60 on the E63.
There really is no excuse other than penny pinching... In this day and age manufacturers like Nokia, should be able to produce a device that does not slow to a crawl even when doing the basics nevermind including the advanced stuff or multi-tasking.

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