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Originally Posted by Arthur View Post
I'm sorry when I implied you got your 5800 for free. I'm glad you purchased it. But it just seems so transparent when the 5800 is plastered all over the place on this site. It's become nothing more but another advertisement channel for Nokia. I would have to be extremely na´ve not to think that the owners of this site are in bed with Nokia. Is AAS getting a commission from the sale of the 5800?

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We're honestly not in bed with Nokia. Yes we get loan devices and yes we talk to corporate comms and PR. That's no different to any other media site. It might be fair to say we do more than most, but that the majority of Symbian devices are Nokia and that's what we cover. I'm not sure what more I can do to convince you.

We're also covering the Omnia HD in detail (as we have all the Samsung phones). We're also expanding our developer coverage (

AAS is definitely not an advertisement channel for Nokia. We do not get commission. Some of the links in reviews (phones, accessories, software) go to third party sites (e.g. handango, carphone warehouse etc.) and we would get an affiliate fee for this (commission), but that applies across all phones. You'll also see banner advertising to such sites.

As the head / editor-in-chief of AAS I did make a conscious decision to do a lot of 5800 content. But this is mainly because S60 5th Edition is new (and the first S60 touch devices). We needed content in this area too match our very extensive content archives on S60 1/2/3, UIQ etc. That explains the 5800 tutorial series (and we wanted to broaden the site's appeal).

With news items - that is very much more based around what comes up - recently a lot off stuff has being coming over to S60 5th Edition, and at the moment, the only device available is the 5800.

I will ask all the writers, when talking about some that is new to S60 5th Edition, to make sure they mention that it is also S60 3rd Edition compatible (where applicable). Looking at the editorial calendar ahead I can also tell you that you'll be seeing a lot of non 5800 content in the next month or two.
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