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Originally Posted by Arthur View Post
To: slitchfield and Rafe

I realize that at the end of the day it is you guys who own and operate this site and you can do whatever you want with it without having to justify it to anybody. So thank you for responding.

I apologize If I came across harsh. That wasn't my intent, I was just voicing my opinion. And my opinion simply is that I'd like to see a larger variety of phones on this site being talked about.

Even the older ones are still good models. The N82 was not too long ago heralded on these pages as the 2nd coming of Christ. But just last week I thought I had read here a cynical comment about how the N82 is now an old bargain bin device. Where do we draw the line?

What about the amazing E90… just because it's 2 years old means we can discard it to the museum?

The 5800 IMHO is not the promised land of mobile communication.
Please don't apologize - we really appreciate all feedback - whether public or private. Sorry if I jumped on this a bit too harshly too - I just like to explain things when people have an issue

Actually we mentioned the N82 bargain because we think it is such a great device. It wasn't intended to be cynical at all. And at 200 its a steal - for some people I would recommend it over the 5800. But it is 'old' in smartphone terms As an older device it generally gets much less interest (traffic).

To an extent we tailor what we write to what is most popular (not always, there also some stuff we cover for sake of completeness).

The 5800 content has been amongst the most popular stuff we have ever done. The E71 and N95 are also very popular devices. The N82 (despite it being one of my personal favourite) has not had this same kind of interest.

As to you opinion - perfectly valid - I think you'll be pleased by the way things develop in the next few months. Not so much a focus on older phones, but a focus on other phones (S60 3.2). One of the next big pushes will also be on Ovi services in general (work on all devices to some extent).

p.s. My E90 is still around and does occasional service, though the E71 largely replaced it to be honest. And the E75 is n some way an even better replacement.
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