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Originally Posted by volvo940se View Post
Thanks everyone, so is it safe to go ahead and change the product code to euro 1 and get V20 or better to leave it until Nokia and voda find the time to get together and maybe think about bringing V20 out for us. Also what is this hard reset thing all about? seem to see everyone recomends doing a hard reset after the update, but what will I need to reinstal on the phone after this, what will be lost? I currently have 34 mb of free space on the C drive, what increase will I be likely to get after the update and hard reset if that is needed?


Hi mate, i bricked an N86 the other day.
I changed the product code twice, BUT Pcsuite crashed as well.
I don't know which thing caused the brick or if it was the combination of both.

Please can you post back and let me know how you get on when you upgrade it....

Just would like to know where i went wrong.