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Do you reckon the old emails will still be in one of the memories?
Not sure. I've never used the t-mobile version of the phone so don't know what branding or prtogramme tweaking they do, and I use yahoo so don't know much about how email works either, I'm afraid. I suppose if you look where the messages used to be on the phone, first using C then E memory, and there're not there, then it doesn't look so good.

One thing though, if your mail is set up to sync automatically, you might be better to set it to manual, send some emails to yourself, see what happens, before re-adding the extra factor of the auto thing.

Final idea: If I read an email on my phone, then go to same email account on pc the message shows as read already. If I delete it on the pc, it may delete on the phone at next connection, I can't remember. Just something for you to investigate. Good luck with it. Make sure and post if you find a solution!