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Originally Posted by kontraband View Post
No, I said it was just issues connecting, not detecting. I could always detect the AP just ended up with No gateway reply type errors etc.

When you use the wifi wizard to scan, that should pick up all the access points that are broadcasting the SSID. It will also show if there is a hidden AP but you'll need to know the SSID to connect.

Joikuspot doesn't need access to your wifi to work. It needs a minimum access to a 3G signal, and then your laptop can connect to the handset over wifi. So if it works that way round your wifi is working.

It does sound more like a hardware issue. Do you see the wifi logo coming on in the corner when you try connect??
See Kontra that's the problem when i do a scan of wifi wizard it does not pick up anything where as at the same time my 5800 has detected like 5 different signals, it does however show that there is a hidden Wlan but that's it when i try to put in the SSID it just does nothing !

Its going back to nokia anyway like you said it is most likely a hardware issue, thanks for your help guys really appreciated!!!

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