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Originally Posted by Dal View Post
Hi thanks again for the help but still no joy fixing the problem.
when i turn my phone on a message appears saying memory full. Ive looked and there is nothing saved on my phone. No pictures videos or anything else saved on the handset yet the handset is saying that i only now have 976kb of space left on the phone memory. Ive looked 2 c if there if ive missed something somewhere but theres nothing i can c. As i said its the handsets internal memory where images etc are saved that is saying is full not my mem card, ram or rom. I hope ive explained the problem better and am great full for any help u can give. Thanks dal
If there is no free space in phone memory while you cannot find what take this spaces you may do one of the following:

* If space is not explicitly used by media files like images, sounds, or videos:
  1. It may be used by themes or applications that you may previously installed on phone memory. While most applications does not take much space, installing many themes takes large space. Try to check themes and applications installed on phone memory and free some space by uninstalling some of them.
  2. If you use email, some email messages may contain large attached files. Check that and remove them.
  3. Another probability is receiving media files using Bluetooth from another device. Received files through Bluetooth are stored in Inbox of Messaging which uses space of phone memory. Save them to memory card and delete them from Inbox.
Try to check all of these ways to free space. All this probabilities will not explicilty appear in the File Manager of the device, because all of them are stored in system folders which are hidden in the File Manager.

* If all of thses tries does not solve the ptoblem, it's recommended to reset and format the entire device:
  1. Take a copy of your contacts into your memory card. To do so: Open Contacts, and choose Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark All. Then choose Options > Copy > To memory card. All contacts will be copied to memory card.
  2. To reserve your calendar notes, tasks and notes, you have to sync it with Outlook using PC Suite. Refer to PC Suite documentation for this concern.
  3. Reserve SIS files and serial numbers of your preferred applications in order to re-install them after format.
  4. In fact, I don't know how to backup your SMS messages.
  5. Connect your phone using the USB cable in Data Transfer mode, or put your memory card in a card reader. This way your memory card will appear as a flash memory drive in Windows. Take a copy of the following folders: "\Others\Contacts", "\Images", "\Video". Also copy any important documents on your memory card.
  6. Disconnect your phone from PC or insert memory card into the phone again.
  7. Format your memory card: Open Menu > Tools > Memory. In Memory Card choose Options > Format memory card.
  8. Now close all applications and go to Standby mode.
  9. Type the following code using keypad: *#7370#
  10. You will be asked to confirm system reset. If you are sure, press Yes.
  11. The phone will restart and take some while and then starts as if it's newly purchased.
  12. Now you have to restore all your data.
  13. Connect your phone or memory card as you did before.
  14. Restore folders you took before to their original places.
  15. To restore contacts: Open Contacts, choose Options > Copy > From memory card. All contacts will be restored.
  16. Sync your phone with Outlook using PC Suite to restore your calendar notes, takas, and notes.
  17. Install your preferred applications.
Now you have a new fresh system.

It's recommended to:
  1. Take images and videos into memory card not phone memory. Media files take the most of space. You can set that using Settings in Camera app.
  2. Use phone memory only for applications, messages, and themes.
  3. Don't install many themes, they take much space. Remove unused themes.
  4. Install only applications you want. If you tried an app, and no longer uses it, uninstall it.
  5. When you receive media files through Bluetooth, save them to memory card, and then delete them from your Inbox.
  6. Tip: When receiving media files with large space, you can receive them directly to memory card. In Messaging main screen, choose Options > Settings. In its settings, choose Other Settings. At the bottom of the screen, set Memory in use to Memory card. All messages will disappear because it uses now the Inbox of memory card, while other messages are stored in phone memory. Receive media files through Bluetooth. Open and save them to memory card, then delete them from Inbox. Set Memory in use option of Messaging to Phone memory again. All messages will appear again. This way you can utilize the space available in memory card to receive large media files.

I hope I helped you as I can.