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Nokia music player

I added some tracks (MP3) onto my memory card, refreshed the list and they popped into the available tracks that I had in music player.
I then converted them to AAC+V2 on my PC and changed the album (Album name was too long to be read quickly by me) info before deleting them from Music player. I deleted the MP3's and replaced with the AAC's, I refreshed music player which picked up the new tracks and Album name.
However it still lists the old album names in addition to the new ones. If I select Options -> Delete and confirm the delete I get a General feature not supported error message.
I would love to get rid of the additional info as it is across three albums now so difficult to chose which one is right. If I remove the memory card all of the album names disappear as I would expect, trouble is I can't find where on the memory card this info is stored.