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Changed product code, no new firmware avail?

Hi all,
I'm new to the forums, but I've done many phone hacks over the years. This phone hack was easy .

I bought a U.S. N95 at my local Best Buy a little while back and just today found that the European firmware is at v20 whereas we get v11. I'm testing a few sites which don't work with the old v11 firmware and are being written in Europe, so of course everyone over there with v20 can see the sites great and I can't. So, I decided to try and update my firmware using the Euro1 product code and NSS.

Old product code: 0552415
I changed it to: 0534841

When I run the Nokia Software Updater, it tells me my current firmware is 11.2.009 and gives me the message "Currently there is no software update available for your phone".

If I change the product code back to 0552415, it says that the latest firmware is 11.2.009 and asks if I want to reinstall it.

So the software DOES see my changed product code, but doesn't give me the option to download v20 for some reason.

If I go to the European Nokia site and put in the Euro1 product code, it says "you can upgrade to v20" but the software says that there's no update.

I've done searches here and on Google and I haven't seen this particular problem.

Tech info:

Type: RM-160
Model: N95-3
Code: 0552415

If anyone can shed light on this, I'd appreciate it.

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