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Sports Tracker Questions on pictures, live sharing link, and GPS/location info

oh cool you can take pictures along the way? I didn't know that. I knew that after you could upload media from the website. Next time I'm going bike riding, I'll snap some pictures w/ my Nokia (currently an N79 but I hate this phone - hoping to get either a N95 8gb or a E66)

I have some other Sports tracker questions and comments:

1) right before I start my workout, Sports Tracker's "live sharing" asks me if I want to share my info w/ anyone? I select yes - at that point, what link could I send to people so that they could watch me online if they choose.

2) I've said "share with everybody" the first two times I've gone cycling with this app, but thinking about it again, I'm not comfortable sharing the actual gps/location info with everyone - just my friends. The actual workout details other than gps/location I'd like to keep public for anyone to view. Any thoughts on if this is possible?

This isn't for all my workouts. if I was ever somewhere else away from home, I'd like to share the GPS/location info. Just not on workouts originating from/to my house.