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Still on fence
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I almost dont know where to start.. You guys are doing an excellent job I've gone back to read and listen to some of your earlier work.. and as a relitive new comer to AAS I must applaud your efforts.

I read that the ribbon is exposed and likely to become a problem for some users. Kindly expand on your thoughts regarding amount of exposure and likliehood of running into problems. (from the pics I can say I am a bit nervous).

Would you comment more on the sliding cover for the camera is it solid (movement and build) and does it clip in to place or is it likely to move about in a pocket.

Steve indicated that it doesn't support divx/xvid natively. Will it support DIVX mobile (users on the divx forums have indicated work arounds for getting 3rd edition version to work on the 5800).

How likely is it that Nokia will introduce touch screen QWERTY and/or predictive in future firmware update. If so are you likely to be able to change the regional settings to QWERTZ or AZERTY.

What is the range of the FM transmitter.

finally can you comment on the general compatibility of 3rd edition aps on this device.