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Exclamation 808 MMS issue

Hi all, I've run into an odd problem on my 808 with Belle FP2.
When I try to send a photo via MMS I get one of two different errors.

1) If i try to send an image through message directly from the gallery I get the error "Unable to insert object. Maximum message size is 300 kB".

2) If I try to send an image by creating a message then trying to attach an image to it I get the error "Unable to scale image".

I have image size set to large, have tried "Guided" and "Free" creation modes. Setup a new access point for MMS. All to no avail.

The problem seems to be due to the image scaling not working, if I try to send an image that is below 300kB there is no issue.

I had no problems selecting any image from the gallery and sending it via MMS on my E7 with Belle refresh on it. The phone would simply rescale the photo and send it.

A search on the ol' internet revealed very little, some old threads with similar isues 6 or 7 years ago, not really anything with relevance to my device.