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I would like to give my and only my impressions on the subject:
1. The volume of C: in omnia varies with firmware, but almost the same as n97. But with custom rom you can get up to 100mb, which is impossible in n97.
2. Omnia lacks kinetic scrolling - indeed very bad. But overall speed of the system so much faster, then n97, so be it.
3. It's true no OTA and UDP, so is most of nokias, WM etc.
4. Yes, there was hiss and other small problems, which were easily enough fixed with tutorials on related sites, the same is going on nokia related sites, as iphone, WM, just name it.
5. I never used mentioned programs for browsing media, even in my beloved n73. Just file browser, which will open in related program almost any video (unlike all nokias) and nokia photobrowser for pictures.
6. Iplayer works only in UK, what about the rest of the world? So there are tens similar and even better programs which will do the job.
7. I agree with Steve about TouchWiz. But i think the same way about widgets on n97. I use the old nice tracker.
8. Yea, future support may stop. But so may nokia's.
9. About petition, just look on forums dedicated to nokias. How many petitions were there - hundreds. I, myself, signed one for releasing N-GAGE to n73 as was PROMISED.
Must be said, that i didn't mention any features, which are way better in Omnia comparing n97. When person does not use this device in spite of mentioned, who is a zealot?