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I cannot understand why always seem to be so harsh on phones having more than one way of doing things. Like the omnia having 2 video players, several ways of getting to you photos etc. You usually give htc phones the same because of Pocket IE and opera mobile being on the same phone.
It may be unnecessary. But does it ACTUALLY matter?

Only a complete moron would actually be confused by having 2 browsers. And certainly not the type of buyer that would buy an omnia(or any smartphone). Some would welcome the idea of having 2 choices since no mobile browser will work on every page(admittedly pocket IE is complete garbage). In fact I consider this a strength of symbian. Since between s60 web, opera mini, skyfire and now opera mobile there are very few pages you cannot get to.

And if you always just use the same app you can just hide the other app away in some folder you never go to.

Choice is good IMO.