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This is an excellent move from Nokia, well done. Consumers in the US will increasingly realise that the only reason they are buying iPhones or Androids are for hype and fashion alone - and that they are paying WAY more for that hype and fashion. Of course, people will continue to do so.

But no longer will US consumers be unaware of Nokia's smartphone offerings, or able to claim that Android or iPhone are superior in some way (apart from a fractionally more responsive UI). Indeed this will show that Symbian is a considerably superior mobile OS to it's competitors in many ways. Ovi Store inclusion answers the needs of those seeking apps, and the complaints of developers that they don't have a good route to market (1.5 million downloads a day now, that's well over half a billion a year if growth remained flat!). Ovi Maps Nav simply makes Google Maps Nav look like something of a joke, and blows away all other solutions.

And this isn't even a Symbian^3 handset. When they are released in the States, iPhone and Android are going to get hammered big time, no matter what slight improvements they come out with over the year...