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It's a good start, I guess....but T-Mobile? Really? They have pretty spotty coverage outside of major cities in the U.S. (i.e. the suburbs), and that's putting it kindly.

I would say that their main problem in the U.S., vs. iPhone or Android, will be the lack of basic applications/useability UI for smart phones. Some examples include: lack of integration of local transit (MTA and subway info) with Ovi Maps, in comparison with Google Navigation, and here's a crucial one---a lack of threaded conversations view in their messaging application.

This phone is likely to be picked up by the younger set, and the non-conversation view of messaging will turn many of the text-addicted off. Nokia along with Symbian needs to provide a fix for this, or else, integrate Free iSMS into the phones, out of the box. Most won't be familiar enough with S60v5 to go hunting around in forums for this app on their own.
Subway mapping is an interesting idea, and whilst its a nice idea I'm not sure how a satnav can actually work underground. It rarely seems to work inside buildings, so underground it seems highly unlikely to operate. Unless you are meaning being able to give basic directions, such as "get on at this underground station, take route <a> for however many stops".

Threaded conversations were available via the Nokia Conversations on the previous OS releases. For some reason its not yet available on S60v5.

You can view messages in a threaded form against contacts listed on the homescreen contacts bar, but that isn't quite the same.

The range of apps available on Ovi for the 5230 is quite surprising. Weather, note taking, drawing, silly little things (spirit level, seismograph, daily dilbert), and some quite nice games (connect 4, bejewelled twist, ovi maps racing, blockGo, Resco Bubbles, Skyforce reloaded, raging thunder, waveblazer, tower blox).