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Hello. Yes, I agree with you - this handset is fantastic in almost all (90%+) of what it does, and yes, it is 'only' a mobile... but look at Samsung's i8910 website, as of today. This is what they want people to read before ordering the i8910:

"Shoot life's craziest moments in high definition without carrying your video camera everywhere. The I8910 HD captures memories and doesn't sacrifice quality. It's the world's first mobile phone with a real HD video camera built right in—one of the most advanced devices ever made. Share live video as you shoot it or wait and play it for friends on your HD home theatre system with wireless DLNA. Best yet, there's no converting of files. Now it's easy to show and tell, in full HD."

Sure, one can dismiss this as marketing hype, but then why didn't I keep my current handset? :-) or buy a mobile for 10gbp in carphonewarehouse! *smile*

I look forward to your review: Could I be so bold as to ask you to comment in your review on your opinion of this "Full HD" output? To me Full HD is 1920x1080(i/p). Now, HD-ready is 1280x720. Could you advise me how to share the i8910 movies by DLNA? Will you consider the .mp4s to be of sufficient quality to leave your HD camcorder at home, as per the marketing above? I have owned camcorders for almost two decades, and even the first one had not even a hint of lip-sync problems.

Well, here's an update - I have spoken to Samsung customer services for ~one hour in total, and to several different people. They provided an excellent service and I encourage anyone reading this post to interact with them if needs be. However, they themselves were unable to advise me on how I can successfully achieve the above. They confirmed they had received other consumers comments relating to the above advertised features. They advised me to wait for a firmware update, which may or may not be relevant to my Orange branded handset, and may or may not improve the current movie recording / DLNA connectivity, whilst passing on my detailed comments to their relevant departments. At this time, they were also unable to provide me with part numbers for any Wireless DLNA dongle, HDTV-out cable and could not confirm if any of these solutions actually worked.

My view is that when I have to justify 500+gbp, I do care, especially when it is for professional productivity and the handset is a premium product advertised in the above fashion. This is not trivial money to me or any company and I expect a certain level of quality. If other people don't mind, and buy this product for other purposes, then that's cool by me, too!
I always give my full feedback to companies I deal with as this is what pushes technology and customer service forward.

All the best!