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I think this will probably be my last communicator. The phone has been great in some ways and not so great in others.

Listening to music while I browse the internet at the airport

Watching converted videos on a plane.

Writing notes in my hotel room in docx format.

Checking in and chosing my seat for the return flight, on my communicator.

LCG profimail - so easy to use and works well.

The screen, great colour reproduction and clarity.

Stupid auto-update for my weather program and profimail sometimes can't connect to 3G, I take the phone from its holder to find it hot and the battery drained.

Specific support for E90. Sure, there are lots of symbian applications out there, but some only work with the inner OR outer screen.

Screen aspect ratio - should be taller, 352 is just not enough, like viewing the whole internet through a post box.

Built-in applications, why are they generally rubbish? email, calendar, notes, web browser, file manager, all basic and clunky. No easy way to change the default for the quick-launch keys, so, what you think is a great feature turns into a row of wasted keys.

Screen again - the OS doesn't take advantage of it. What I'd like is a split-screen feature so I can browse the web or view PDFs in one half and make notes in Quickoffice in the other. Also need cut and paste!

Take a look at how small the new portable PCs are:

Something like that would be great for short trips, airport, plane, hotel, meetings, poolside (small enough to be discreet without looking like a complete work-obsessed geek)

PLUS something slim, multi-media focused, easy to use, well supported with lots of cool applications... hmm, I wonder what that could be...