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If I might politely redirect you to the Vodafone forum where these very matters are being discussed and mobile data users are expressing their outrage and discussing options.

Currently Vodafone are trying to swing with the idea that they won't need to rewrite the terms and conditions because the original contract left them with enough loopholes to crawl through to do whatever they want. (The paraphrase is mine, but that, in a nutshell is what they are up to).

Logically you have had the option in the past to exceed the proposed limit primarily because there wasn't one. Whether you exceeded that non-existent limit in the past or not, the fact that in the future you could exceed the limit which is about to be introduced by using your handset in the way you choose to use it is a change in your terms and conditions as it will result in extra charges which you were not made aware of at the time that you started your contract. Therefore the terms and conditions of your contract have changed to your disadvantage, whether Vodafone say they have or whether they say they haven't.

Any contract which was sloppily worded enough to leave leeway for one party to gain financial advantage to the disadvantage of the other party is an "unfair contract". The law in relation to "unfair contract" is complicated but I don't rate Vodafone chances. Place your bets.

They are claiming to wish to prevent 'abuse' of their network, but somehow it looks more like they wish to prevent 'use' of their network other than on terms which are greatly to their advantage and greatly to the disadvantage of their mobile data customers.

It will also mean that they can nearly instantaneously free up their network from the risk of being overloaded so they can carry more customers contracts without having to upgrade their existing infrastructure and it will mean that mobile data users will need to not average more than 16 megabytes of data per day, per month or it will cost them deep in the purse.

What a fun time to be a Vodafone subscriber! (NOT)