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Face the fact, Symbian phones are not exciting nor do they make the users want to do things with the phone. This is the fact that continues to escape the "Nokia sells millions more phones" a month crowd. The phones they sell are not high-end phones and they simply continue to be boring, workman phones that no one is interested in just pulling out of their pocket to play with. The last phone that had this type of feel was the N95. The N86 was okay but abandoned. The same fate is on the horizon with the N8. Great hardware, same old boring OS and a complete lack of eco-system (Ovi has fail all over it). Android and Apple have proven that hardware with a good (excellent on Apple's part) eco-system is what matters. Users want more than just the ability to make phone calls or send text messages. They want a bit of flash on their phones and Nokia simply does not deliver this.