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Here`s the scene!
i put a software anti theft in my n gage QD nd it hangs when i delete it!
I send it to Nokia for repair, i get the phone back!
But now i often get 2 errors simultaneously:
Unsafe to remove memory card without selecting Remove memory card option
Memory card inserted Select remove memory card before removing it

And both the messages used to come simultaneously on their own randomly and all the applications running on my phone used to shut down!
I tried to forat the memory card, but it used to fail in between and memory card corrupted message used to come!
But it used to get formatted using my card reader by windows in FAT,
it was all fine, but the errors kept increasing,
suddenly one day, a message popped up, Memory card corrupted, and kept coming!
I could do nothing on my cell if the card was in!
but now when i insert the card in my reader, the explorer hangs untill i take it off!
Is there any way to get it corrected!
Which is at fault?
My cell or card or nokia?
I will buy a new card if this is scrapped but need to be sure that my cell wont corrupt that card!
Thats all of my story! If any1 can help! please! help! I`ve gone !