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Corrupted MMC fix:

Necessary tools:
- Corrupted MMC
- 7tools partition manager (get it here
the demo version is capable of carrying out this task)
- Pair of hands
- little brain but not necessary

lets do it

Part one

1. Put your MMC into your card reader, select the MMC

2. If your partition is corrupted you will see several invalid partions in red in the left hand pane (MMC drive section)

3. Right click each of these and left click delete.

4. Click apply (top left button)

5. You should be left with a single free unit on your MMC drive. Now right click that unit and select create primary partition. Go with the defaults which should be FAT16 and click on apply.


Exit and put your card back into your N-Gage. If you find that the MMC card still does not mount via the USB cable (That is if it was mounting prior to corruption). Unplug the cable and put your MMC card back into your card reader.

Part two

1. Start the 7tools and select the MMC again.

2. In the right hand pain you will see a column that says Active (it will probably be set to "no") click this and set it to yes (That take a few MB of your MMC but it makes it an active bootable drive partition), click apply

3. Put the MMC back into your N-Gage and format it via tools-memory-[options]-format mem card.

You will notice that the card is a couple of MB down on it original size but it will now be fully bootable and functional via the USB cable again.


Keep in mind:
If u formatting MMC card trough windows u could fuck it up if you format in any other partition than FAT, no other partitions like NTFS, FAT32, donít work!

Thats it, astalavista bay

Hope this help.

(remember, if u don't have 7tools partition manager demo that worked, mail me:, i'll send it to u )

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