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Another humble opinion about E51

Surprisingly, I've also recently got Nokia E51 as an upgrade from T-Mobile, and I've also used HTC TyTN II before. :) However, my adventure with Windows Mobile began much earlier, as I've first got HTC Wizard, then HTC Hermes and then HTC TyTN II / Kaiser. By that time I've got really addicted to full qwerty keyboard and touchscreen, so I thought to get E51 as a secondary phone, rather than replacing primary TyTN II.

Anyway, once I've got E51 in my hands, I started to use it as default phone just ot try it out, and... I like it! First of all, I love the form factor. It's light, slim and looks great. Keypad is really good, display a bit small, but ultra-crisp. In terms of software, finally Nokia/Symbian managed to fix few small, but annoying things from previous editions (ie. multi-day alarms). Last, but not least - E51 is the very first S60-powered Nokia I've had chance to play with that is actually *fast*! Previously I've had Nokia E61, which was my secondary phone, mainly to place VoIP calls. I remember that doing anything with that phone was really painful, and I needed quite a lot of patience (even more than Windows Mobile requires). But with E51 all that pain is gone, and it's actually pleasant phone to use. I like that new set of home/calendar/contacts/messages buttons. Oh, and that Bluetooth on/off key - extremely helpful! WiFi access in such small phone is also great thing, along with seamless VoIP calling.

There are downsides as well, of course. As I mentioned, I've got really used to qwerty keypads, so writing texts, emails or calendar entries is somewhat harder for me. Today (Standby) screen is also better in WM, lack of touchscreen doesn't help either, but I can live with that. Feature I really miss in E51 is smart-dialling. To place a simple call I need to dig into a phonebook, making lots of clicks, while in WM it was matter of 3-4 taps on the screen. Other thing which is better in WM-world is software. There are *loads* of (free) software for WM which is backwards compatible and installs without a hassle. With S60 I need specifically look for 3rd Edition software, which is mostly not free, and if it's free, then pray to get signed version, or go through the pain of signing Symbian applications (who on Earth invented that, btw?!).

Generally speaking, I really started to love E51, mostly for its great functionality packed in such form factor. However, I really miss qwerty keypad, so I'm tempted to go back to TyTN II... But in the meantime the perfect (?) solution might be released - Nokia E71... :)