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Yes - I keep looking at other phones and umm-ing and ahh-ing over them, and I know my hesitancy is because the other phones are lacking the features that the N97 ( or even the N900 ) can offer. In day to day use, these are the features that I enjoy and I really would want on my next phone.

If I go out and buy an Android device, I know it wil be slick, reliable, nice to use, good range of apps available, fast etc. But I will be losing out on the real features ( the ones we have already listed ) so I'm in real dilemma. I do want a 'nice to use ' phone, but feel that I'd be losing out at the moment, so I'm kind of reluctantly stuck with the N97 really.

If I could get an Android phone with all the N97 features, I'd buy it today.
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