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to be honest guys the n97 feature list was what drew me in

32gb , fm transmitter , qwerty/touch , gps , 5mp carl zeis , 30fps video , functinal o/s , nothing could touch it in terms of a convergance device that covered all the bases

but things didnt go great with me and the n97 , i tryed , i had 4 replacements and then enough was enough

i eventually ended up witha i8910 which was a super device and then i got a n900

to me the n900 is everything the n97 should have been in the 1st place , its a n97 that just works , loads of ram decent processor functinal ui but a nice looking one designed for touch , 100s of apps there is allready at least 250 in extras and easily another 250 in testing and another load in devil

i havent had so much fun owning a phone since the n95 , the evolving process is immense , there is new things popping up everyday and with qt support and talks of meego running on it the future is looking quite exciting

i would recomend trying the n900 before jumping to android , the n900 isnt perfect for some people due to lack of portrait mode throughout the phone and mms having to be done via the fmms application but its well worth checking out and if the n97 got you excited when announced then the n900 should defently be considered you may just find its everything you wanted and a litlle bit more

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