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Hey dog-man good luck and plain sailing and congratulations on your freedom.

I thought I'd gained mine when answered mine with wet hands and the bezel seems to have lifted and water got into the resistive layer. Yipeee no screen response and the phone started going mental unfortunately had all my contacts (well new ones since last sync) and more seriously my calendar. Anyway went back to my old Sony feature phone back up as I tried to get it dry but gave up after a week as seemed to have a residue left between the layers so after about 7 days started looking around for cheap temporary replacement as I wanted to have a look at the new dual core Androids and iPhone5 after they come out over next few months - even looked at second hand C7 then just as I was about to order checked pesky N97 for one last time and of course bloody thing sprang back to life after 9 days of not working grrrrrrrrrr. So 180 quid saved but now stuck with N97 with even more insensitive screen - yipeee.

Back in the jug agane for me hee hee.

Have fun with your Galaxy and the new II when it comes