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F A Q!!


Tested MMC reviews

Mobiclip Tutorial

Online Picture Resizer

E-Buyer; Cheap mmc's and electonic equipment etc.

Allack; N-Gage games and accessories.

My-Symbian; free games and applications for symbian handsets.

Full N-Gage Specifications

Mobile Fun; mobile phones and accessories

FExplorer; browser program for series 60 handsets (Similar to my computer for ya pc)

N-gage Forum

Films on the N-Gage; Helix Conversion Guide (.rm)

Films on the N-Gage; Nokia Multimedia Conversion Guide (.3gp)

Official N-Gage and N-Gage QD Website

The Future Look; Upcoming and Newly Released phone reviews

Q&A Regarding N-Gage Bugs

TEC; 512 and 1GIG MMC

Conversion Guide for .mp4


Answers to some simple questions that people always ask

1. You cant use the USB cable unless a MMC is inserted into the N-Gage.

2. You can only use Multimedia Cards (mmc) in the N-Gage. SD cards DO NOT work.

3. Not all N-Gages are provided with Memory Cards, so you may need to purchase one before you can take full advantage of its functions. You can purchase MMC from and Some come with a Nokia Game Card, which is a 32mb MMC.

4. You can find free series 60 games and applications at

5. All the apps and games available for the 3650/7650 will work on your N-Gage (except those associated with a camera).

6. For full specifications of the phone click Here.

7. You can watch videos on your N-Gage. Visit these two threads for more details,

To convert to .rm:

To convert to .3gp:

8. The N-Gage doesnt have a built in nor add on camera. Bluetooth cameras available on the market wont allow transfer to the n-gage either. The only method is via swapping the memory card in your digital camera if it uses mmc.

9. You can purchase fascias for the N-Gage from and

10. PC Suite ONLY works via bluetooth, NOT via the usb cable. The usb cable can be used to transfer data to the memory card only. Pc Suite will allow access to both the Device Memory and the MMC. It can be used to back up contacts and calendar entries etc.

11. You must fully charge your phone before using it to allow maximum capacity.

12. Some memory cards larger than 128mb will work in the N-Gage. There is a list of cards that work that can be found here.

13. Newbies read this post thoroughly. If you still have any questions use the Search fucntion.


How to connect your N-Gage to your PC

Step 1.
Before you do anything. Place your MMC into your phone and format it.

Step 2.
Place the N-Gage disc (that comes with the phone) into your cd rom.

If youve got XP: Connect your N-Gage to your pc with the USB cable. Leave windows to find all the necessary drivers automatically. Your MMC in your N-Gage will now be recognised as a removeable drive in 'My Computer'.

If you havent got XP: Do the same as above. If nothing happens, run the program on the N-Gage disc and install Audio Manager.

If any of the above does not work click Here

Step 3.
Once the MMC is recognised by your PC, simply drag and drop any files you want onto the MMC (removeable drive).

Step 4.
Download FExplorer from HERE and place it on your MMC.
Once on the MMC go to your menu then Tools --> Manager --> FExplorer --> Options --> Install

Follow all the on screen intructions. This has installed a file browser for you N-Gage. You can now access all the files on your N-Gage and MMC which 'Manager' can't see (like Java games).

Hopefully this will prevent the same question being asked over and over.


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