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I found that you have to set the web browser to use the access point you have defined (the WLAN one with all the settings) as default (i.e. the setting Access Point is defined as 'User defined' rather than 'Always Ask').

If you don't do that, and your SSID is not being broadcast on your WLAN, then the phone tries to search for all available WLANs and cannot find the one you have set up (even though you have specified the settings, which I think is a bit stupid). But if you have set it up as "User Defined" so it connects to the one you have set up by default, you can use your WLAN with all the security settings enabled (i.e. SSID not being broadcast, WPA etc).

Also, I usually get an error when I open the browser on wifi and it tries to go to my homepage (, the error text varies - sometimes it's "No Gateway reply", or "Unable to perform Web operation" - however once I OK that message and the screen is blank, I can then go to one of my bookmarks and browse the web via WiFi no problem. I think it's just a bug which will probably be ironed out with a future firmware upgrade.