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I read somewhere lots of rumours about this.

1. Each nokia has a unique number. Not sure if it uses IMEI or something else, but the update database checks your unique number or entitlements before it updates. Sometimes nokia takes time to update the upgrade database fully, especially when it has sold over 1m of these babies!

2. It is effected by the provider of the SIM card, as some providers say no updates at all over nokia update.

Personally I think this is all unlikely. I think all the system looks for is the model ID, in my case, RM-356. As i see plenty of people going to default firmware or different languages by just changing their model number.

It is possible that due to the high demand (over 1m sold to date), they are simply bifarcating the server load by some random variable everyday (maybased on region or IMEI, etc.). As its probably more important that only a limited number of people get the update, but it does it properly.

I would test morning and night every day for the next few days.

Also tell us your product number, as you might have a regional version not added to the update database yet.