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can't change product code on 6120

hey guys new to phone flashing and just bought a 6120 as a gift for the wife and wanted to put on the euro 3 language pack.

-I have followed these websites instructions from posts here on the forums..

-I have confirmed the product code

0546342 = EURO 3

-I d/l the new PC Suite and installed

-Connected the 6120 to install drivers

-closed PC Suite and installed NSS

-NSS detected phone and read the product info

-I changed product code clicked enable and pressed 'write'

-Code changed successfully

-Restarted PC Suite which had to install something else as it could not detect it for connected phone

-I ran NSU but it came back with no update and the phone is still RM-243 ( well i can't remember as i'm typing but it was the original one and FW was still 3.7

-Writing languages available are still only english filipino and another asian script language so it is obviously still APAC*

I am currently trying another angle that is deleting PC Suite and reinstalling in a language exclusive to the EURO 3 language region (which I can't read) and will try running NSU on that

otherwise when i turned on the phone for the first time tonight it prompted me to choose region and country - not sure if that was just for the time/date functions or if my next move is a factory reset to enter the region and country to match where I am trying to flash the phone to...

am I doing something stupid? how did you guys go flashing the phone to just a generic FW?