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Originally Posted by iFanboy View Post
Wrong again buddy, you can now buy the iPhone PayAsYouGo :-). Can also buy it from apple direct themselves then put any sim card you want into it, so not as hard as you think. You'll still have SOMETHING to complain about though, I'm sure :-)
Even if you can buy the iPhone PAYG, that doesn't necessarily help someone who has recently bought one, only to find that it can't hold a signal, as they will probably not be able to unlock it for the first 12 months, meaning they're stuck with their current network...

And anyway, I'm not complaining. I don't own an iPhone and have no intention of ever buying one, locked or unlocked. The total cost of ownership is too high and the performance is too low to justify it; if the iPhone 3GS overheats WITHOUT multi-tasking it'll be interesting to see how it does WITH multi-tasking (and no, my Nokia has NEVER overheated)...