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1. Firmware is the software that is built into the phone - it contains all the information the phone uses to work, and all the built-in programs like Web and Contacts. A firmware update usually fixes bugs in the phone, and can add new features (like the N95 V12 firmware adds assisted GPS, for faster GPS lock times).

2. You can check the firmware version by typing *#0000# into the phone on the standby screen. The firmware version is the first line.

3. You need to install Nokia Software Updater:
Run this while your phone is connected to your PC in PC Suite mode and it will tell you your current firmware version and whether there's an update. You might not be offered the very latest Nokia firmware if you have a 'branded' handset from a network, since the network will often want to modify and test the firmware first. It's possible to 'debrand' a phone and install generic Nokia firmware, but you should not restore a backup if you do and it may affect your warranty with the network.

4. You use the Nokia Software Updater program as described.

5. Yes, you will lose everything in the phone memory - but before you do the update, you should first back up your phone to PC Suite (and ideally to the microSD card as well, if you have one, as a safety measure). After the update you can restore from PC Suite to get all your settings and data back.
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