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Originally Posted by clonmult View Post
It would be a waste of time developing flac support for virtually any mobile, purely down to sound quality.

You'd be kidding yourself if you think the output stages of any of the Nokias, SE, Samsungs (or even the iPhone) are good enough to justify use of uncompressed audio.
I feel farily unintelligent right about now. I always assumed players played well. But I guess they don't. Oh well, just out of curiousty how does the iPod compare to my N73 ?

Originally Posted by clonmult View Post
A better option if you want reasonable sound would be to use the OggPlay application, I'll always maintain that Ogg Vorbis is ahead of both MP3 and AAC on audio quality.
Well I got all my music from my cousin. Unfortunately he is an mp3 whore so I am stuck where I am.