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E71 - send multiple contacts as business cards via BT

I need to transfer contacts from the E71 to a (Parrot CK3100) carkit. The Nokia 810 application does not work well (at least not in my case).

The carkit is capable of accepting contact information via Object Push. When I send a contact as business card via BT this is exactly what happens and it works OK.

However, on the E71 it seems to be impossible to send multiple (or all) contacts as business cards all at once. When any (or all) conctacts are selected, the option to send a business card disappears from the list of send options.

According to various posts it seems that on the E61 it is doable. It is hard for me to believe that this feature was eliminated on the E71.

Any idea how this can be accomplished on the E71?
a) Via the E71 user interface (maybe I missed something)
b) Via a 3rd party software application?
c) Some other way?

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