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OK new to all this as have always been a sonyericsson user, but have also done the product code change before on a N95 I had a couple of years ago. It seems from what I have read, that Nokia can tell if you have changed the product code, but I have already done this yesterday to see if the update was available but it was obviously pulled or other issues due to the load on Nokias servers. So now to my questions. As I have already changed the product codes, even though now it is back to the original 0585262 VF code, I can only assume I have now voided my warrenty. SO now changing it to the euro 1 0570817 euro 1 black code I know after checking that it is available to update now. So if I do the update how can I get my wap, mms, and so on settings back on my phone to be able to use them. Is there a settings wizard or something like there is on SE phones, to be able to download these items, as all I seem to be able to find is email setup. Has anyone had to take a phone in for repair after changing the product code and been charged as I find it hard to belive that changing the product code due to Nokia being soo slow to release the various versions of software would effect a hardware issue such as the camera lens issue or as some have had the slider issue. Yes if you change the product code and fry the software then you would expect to have to pay for the repair, but not for an issue that is hardware related and so well documented as well.